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Hans, Wendie & Dana

@ our journey in South Laos (2006)
@ our journey in South Laos (2006)

Wendie (44 years) and Hans met  in 1997 and since then has shared each others’ passions for history, heritage and culture. Together, they have circumvented planet Earth many times. “Adventure, exploration and discovery is a spiritual and mental experience.”


Our hobby is to travel as much as possible, meet and interact with different cultures and scenes. Since many years we hosted friends from all over the planet. One realistic step to open up our house for travelers that, just as us, choose for a different way to stay and enjoy their holidays!

During your stay in Amsterdam you can experience daily life in Amsterdam. Our guesthouse is located in Amsterdam center, you sleep like a local and... having your own key you come and leave as a local.
If our hospitality and service can contribute to your onforgettable stay.....WE ARE HAPPY!